Something To Consider When Renting A Car In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates; the city is slowly showing its existence on the world business, especially in terms of tourism. If you go to this city, then you will find parks, seafront promenade, tall buildings, shopping centers, and what’s more interesting is that you will find luxury cars roaming around the city streets. So, how can we enjoy the city of Abu Dhabi with great quality? The most appropriate way is to rent a car through rent a car abu dhabi.

Renting a car in Abu Dhabi is quite easy. There are many sites that offer car rental services for tourists, you can choose a car, according to your budget and adjust your time in this city. The price offered varies depending on the type of car and the time you rent. You can access to find out the list of cars, prices, rental times and other procedures. In addition, it is better to read some aspects that I will explain below:

Agreements are important in the process of renting a car. The tenant must understand this, but not all agreement letters are presented in English here. Most agreements are presented in Arabic; if you understand the language, it will be fine for you. However, if you don’t understand it too much it will make it difficult for you, right? Therefore, ask for an agreement letter in English, a professional company will definitely fulfill your expectations. You can clarify this on the official website before deciding on your chosen car.

After you get the agreement letter as expected, it’s time to choose a car. Choosing a car, according to your needs is important, your needs will determine the type of car. If you want to tour with family, then choosing an SUV or MPV type car will be better. If you will pass several off-road locations, then choose 4×4 instead of the sedan type. Also make sure the car has GPS installed so you don’t get lost.

Everything can happen to you when rent a car abu dhabi, trivial things will be an obstacle for you to enjoy the beauty of Abu Dhabi. To avoid problems while renting a car, it is better to ask for some additional services such as sending and picking up cars. This service will really help you when you are in an unexpected situation like you are in a hurry to catch a flight because there is a sudden event. Or some other conditions where you cannot deliver your car to a car rental office. If they make it easy for cases like this, then you can rent a car. Paying extra fees for someone from a company who is willing to take your key may be better than having to lose important time because of a sudden affair.

There are other things you need to know when you rent a car in Abu Dhabi, more than what I explained above. Full understanding will make your travel experience in this part of the country hassle free and enjoyable; make sure you access to get first-class service for rental cars in Abu Dhabi.

Amazing Outdoor Tour – Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Everyone in the world knows Dubai. Dubai is a small city country that has a big appeal for all industries. One of the interesting industries in Dubai is tourism; Dubai has become one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. Dubai has successfully built a tourism business by providing a vacation full of action and adrenaline. Not waterfalls, not rafting, not mountain climbing, but extreme tours hit the dunes on a sunny day with four-wheeled vehicles. This extreme tour starts in the morning until noon so it’s called Morning Desert Safari.

The Morning Desert Safari departs from the city center and takes adventurers to the desert. Morning Desert Safari is an extreme tour that requires a high level of security, the car is always in the best performance, and all wheels are controlled for the safety and comfort of tourists. Usually tour guides or drivers offer a choice of time and opportunity to ride camels, enjoy food, take photos and videos, etc.

Desert safaris can be enjoyed at any time. Morning desert safaris in Dubai will last for around four hours, pickup times are 8:30 am to 9 am and delivery times are 11:30 am to 12:00 noon. If tourists still want adventure in the desert world, they can take night safaris; departing from the city at 4:00 a.m. and the whole experience will last for six hours. All tourists will be invited to take a Jeep car specifically designed to explore the desert; they run tours around the desert through mounds, visit camel farms, participate in ATV driving, and surf the desert.

Enjoying the morning sun in the desert is an amazing experience. This is a unique tour and it can only be enjoyed in the Middle East. Prepare the camera to take pictures and capture extraordinary experiences in the form of videos. Safari usually ends with smoking Shisha Arab water pipes and belly dance exhibitions. For four hours of excitement, travelers were transported to the desert world and then safely returned to the hotel for a break and at night tourists could enjoy the beautiful nightlife that Dubai has to offer.

All tourist spots give many things to tourists while in Dubai. However, nothing provides a lasting experience like the Morning Desert Safari; you will enjoy the sensation of cold air in the middle of the desert in the morning. For those of you who like outdoor tourism, taking part in this desert tour is a very tempting choice. Your adrenaline will be boosted; and maybe you will scream while in the car. Satisfaction will come to you throughout the trip.

Morning Desert Safari is your adrenaline solution. This tour is perfect for those of you who just want to experience the action of going up and down hills and sand dunes. You can enjoy this tour with your family in one car; enjoy the desert world with your beloved family.


Climbing Kilimanjaro with The Dream Team

When an adventurer finds a very difficult challenge, he won’t say “I give up” he will conquer what’s in front of him. The challenge is a stimulus to increase adrenaline, all adventure fans will be satisfied if their adrenaline can be released. Well, what if the challenge is to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro? Will their guts shrink? I do not think so! True adventurers will look for various ways for Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Everyone has heard of the impressive Mount Kilimanjaro. This mountain is a dream for all climbers around the world, they dream of conquering this highest mountain in Africa. What’s interesting about Kilimanjaro? The first is the height. All climbers will feel the extraordinary satisfaction of being on the top of Kilimanjaro. And the second, Snow that covers the mountain peak. This snow is a unique attraction for climbers, but along with the global warming the volume of ice on the top of Kilimanjaro is decreasing.

Not everyone can climb Kilimanjaro. They need to prepare the condition of the body, mind, and guidance. If you are already in a healthy physical, mental and mental state, then you will determine an experienced guide. Experienced guides will provide a very useful guide when Climbing Kilimanjaro, from good equipment, routes, safety guidelines, food support, emergency oxygen, etc.

To conquer a mountain with a height of 5,895 meters you need an experienced guide. If not, you will get lost and will even threaten your safety. The guide will show you the safest trekking route to ensure your safety during the climb. You will pass the route to the summit for several days, so do not underestimate the guide. This might seem like an adventure tour, even though, in fact, it might be able to sacrifice your life.

Focus on finding and hiring experienced guides who can direct you to safe trekking routes. You can access to join the dream team. In this team, you will get quality services such as professional and certified guides, medical teams, quality waterproof tents containing tables and chairs, food, drinks, warmer, private toilets, etc. All services aim to make your climb enjoyable.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an amazing experience in your life. Well, don’t forget to capture this experience in the form of pictures or videos. Someone might feel loss if they don’t have pictures or videos when doing interesting activities. Moreover, now is the era of social media, all unique and interesting activities must be shared through social media. Prepare a camera and recorder, because you will get many opportunities to take pictures and videos.

Reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro will be an experience worth remembering forever. Discover the beauty of the Kilimanjaro trekking route and enjoy the best of nature with your dream team only at

Considering Few Floating Markets in Thailand

Although there are many things that can be visited from Thailand such as temples and some modern shopping malls, it will not be complete if you do not visit traditional tourism such as the floating market. The floating market has tremendous appeal; so many tourists are not willing to leave Thailand before shopping or just eating seafood at the floating market.

A vacation to Thailand is incomplete without the unique experience of visiting and shopping at floating markets. Actually, there are many floating markets throughout the country, such as Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Taling Chan Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market, etc. Before visiting these places, please read the following information:

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – This market is a place full of boats, loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, and tourists from various places who use the atmosphere to fill their photographic archives. You will see women in the spirit of rowing to sell their wares to foreign tourists. This moment is only in the floating market, this is what makes tourists not want to leave Thailand before visiting the floating market. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a colorful and well-planned market, if you are from Bangkok, then you only need less than 1 hour to arrive at this market.

There are many tour and travel companies in Thailand such as Arrange tourist markets to visit this market. If you can reach this market in the morning, it will be better.

Taling Chan Floating Market – The advantages of this floating market are open all day, so whenever you arrive in Thailand you can enjoy a very exotic traditional market. When compared to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, this floating market has fewer sellers and boats. However, compared to its competitors such as the famous Amphawa and Damnoen floating markets, the Taling Chan floating market can be called a genuine market, where people can spend good time without having to book a tour. Tourists can enjoy seafood, shop, and enjoy longtail boat trips for around 100 Baht.

Amphawa Floating Market – When you are here, don’t miss the grilled squid and broiled shrimp, buddy! It tastes very good. The Amphawa floating market is located in Samut Songkhram Province. There are many wooden houses here; they sell various foods, souvenirs, candies, snacks, etc. However, this market does not operate for a full week; you can visit this floating market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Give your family a unique and interesting shopping experience only at Amphawa floating market.

The floating market in Thailand is located along the canal and river. In the past, rivers were built by the government for transportation and selling and buying fruits and vegetables. Now, rivers in Thailand are the object of entertainment for foreign and local tourists.




Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya is one the best experiences in the world for are kitesurfing lovers. The Kalpitiya lagoon, with flat and shallow water is a very safe spot for learning kitesurfing. Recently, Sri Lanka has become very famous as a kitesurfing destiny and many kitesurfing schools and tour operators organize kitesurfing trips and kitesurfing safaris to the islands located north from Kalpitiya.

The best kitesurfing spots located in Kalpitiya are:

Kalpitiya lagoon

Kappaladi lagoon

Puttalam lagoon

Dream spot

Vella Island


All these kitesurfing spots are really beautiful and perfect for freestyle. There is another kitesurfing spot called Donkey Point, located in a cape near Kalpitiya. The Donkey Point is perfect for wave riders


There are few restaurants in Kalpitiya. Most of the restaurants are small businesses managed by local people. The local food is wonderful. I recommend the rice and curry and the Kottu


From May to October very strong wind (25-30 knots average) during day and night. The wind is coming from North-East

From December to March: Light wind, around 14-18 knots. The wind blows only on the afternoon


margarita kite school team

Among all the kitesurfing schools, we recommend Margarita Kite school Kalpitiya. This school has certified IKO instructors and can certify the student level after the course. All the kite equipment is pretty new. They also have a beach hut very well located in Kalpitiya lagoon.


margarita kitesurfing sri lanka

There are many hotels around and the Margarita Village, with 4 incredible wooden bungalows with natural and outdoor shower and one outstanding villa is the perfect place to stay. It is located just 5 minutes driving from the Kalpitiya lagoon


The typical vehicle located in Sri Lanka is the tuk tuk or three wheeler. This is a very fast ad cheap option for whoever wants to move around in Kalpitiya

Solo Adventurer

Traveling by yourself, maybe this is something you might want to consider in the future. We know some of you may still be afraid to think about it, but it’s not as sordid as you think, just do it.

Traveling alone is great fun, although the fun it carries can somehow be different than traveling with friends. If you want to be a solo adventurer next time, the first thing you need to do is get ready for it. By saying ready, this means there are some tips to follow. Learn some tips for solo adventurers that will help make the whole trip fun and memorable.


First things first – you need to make sure nothing is left behind before the date of departure. This means preparing everything you need to bring with you days ahead, and not cram, lest you travel in lack.

Some of the important things you need to bring with you are your documents, such as your passport, ID, and tickets, cash and credit card, cellphone and other gadgets you will be needing for documentation purposes, medicines, and toiletries.

It is better to be prepared than never. Always remember that you are traveling alone, therefore there is no one to easily ask help from incase something urgent comes up during the trip.

The good thing about this, though, is that it the experience itself will teach you to be responsible and independent. Traveling alone is not a joke, but because of the pressure and different emotions that will come out, you would have no other choice but take on the challenge. You could say it is a life changing event, you know!

Part of the preparation process is to study the place where you are heading to. Study your hotel whereabouts, the delicious restaurants near your area, the food to try, and of course the culture!

It also pays a lot if you also know the weather of the place during the time of visit. This way, you can know what clothes to bring. If you are going there during winter time, then perhaps you could bring jackets, boots, and gloves. Likewise, you bring comfortable clothes if you are coming during summer time.

When it comes to the culture of the place, it is important to know it fully and adapt to it once you get there. Each place has a different culture, so expect that not everything would be as pleasant as what you were used to back home. However, learning a different culture is actually so much fun.

Especially if you are someone who has been traveling a long time, you know that a particular place culture adds to the enjoyment of the entire trip. It will not be as interesting as you think if it were not for its unique and interesting culture.